i’m gonna eat locusts and honey and change my name to john (so i can talk about Jesus all day long)

i am a nobody on this journey

and i don’t want to stand on the sidelines

just watching


until a somebody does something worth talking about

because i live in a sea of nobody types

but we have the example of the one Somebody that matters

so why not focus on the life of that One important person

throw my own ambitions to the wind

pick up my cross

again and again

listen to the pull of the hopes my heart is pulsing through my veins

perhaps divinely inspired

only time will tell

time is something we claim to have in abundance

but no one knows the hour or the day

no one knows

but the End is coming all the same

so why should i waste my time sleeping

wake up, oh sleeper

Rise from the dead

you live the resurrected life

what was once dead has been made alive through Christ

so why should i waste my time

by thinking it’s unlimited

where is the urgency that places others before self

is the Word of life collecting dust on some shelf

“apart from ME you can do NOTHING”

are the words i read

which brings me back to this again:

i am a nobody so why am i striving

when clearly i am called to be abiding?

return to me, return to me

i hear that voice so many times and so many times

i have turned my back

good thing there are second chances

thank the sweet Lord for grace

if  only he knew how much shame i carry

but he took the blame

“live as you were called”

well my calling is not his calling and her calling is not my calling

and maybe the resurrected life looks different

in different people

maybe not everyone is called to serve under the shadow of a steeple

have a family and house in the middle of suburbia

i know people who are living in africa

living to die

to die to themselves

dying to live

to live not for themselves but for the great Maker who called us and saved us and loves us

maybe some people are called to drink the cup dry

like Jesus did right before he died

maybe suffering is greater for some than others

no i’m not sure where i fit

but it doesn’t matter

because i am not my own

a nobody

picking up my cross

counting the cost

and all this loss is gain

for the sake of the One who calls me by name

to do the will that was established with the foundations of the world

with the foundations of the world

that’s not just history

that’s pre-history

not in the textbook sense

but in the sense that before the world was established

God had me in mind

had you in mind

we were in his mind

on his mind

and i love you

i love you because of the image you are created in

and i get that our lives may look different

and the way you are led may not be the way i am led

and the way i am led may not make any sense

and the things you endure may seem unfair

but we are not here for our own comfort

not for self-glorification

but we’re here to glorify God

and enjoy him forever


that’s a long time

but back to time – we aren’t promised time in abundance on earth

abide, abide

don’t strive anymore

let the Spirit guide you

let the Word remind you

of this compelling Love that is more than enough.


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