for the Shepherd alone knows

as i wander, as i wander through this life 

thinking i know my own best

i pause, fall to my knees, this is my confession

and you brought me to this place of reckoning

for how can i know what you have planned?

my life is but a mist, i’m but a grain of sand

yet this striving, this striving is endless and fruitless

i am a sheep – of little intellect

yet i think i know what i need

but you are the Shepherd and you can see the predator on the horizon

you can see the pasture beyond that will nourish me better than this one

you know when i need to be carried, you know when i need rest

so why this striving? 

i do not even know myself

not like you do

i am just clay – without form or shape

yet i try to tell you what i am meant to be

now how can the clay describe what only the Potter can see?

so mold me, make me, bend me, break me

so you can rebuild me

as only you can

i am but dust in a wasted land

and you saw something in me

you saw something in me so you called me  yours

and you are making me into something i cannot see

so i surrender my rights to myself, for i have no right to myself

and i just ask one thing

there’s just one plea –

may this empty vessel be filled so that i may point to your glory

i know not what i want, what i need, what will sharpen me most

guard and guide and provide

oh Lord of my soul.