the Gospel: for a sleeping Church

give me dust and danger

i don’t want to be a stranger to the least

of these

because i was too caught up in me

who i’m supposed to be

strip away the roads and the comforts of home

if it means stripping back the veil

that keeps me from

seeing Grace in the midst of an accommodating place

where the gospel of self-reliance

is the anthem preached and the declaration of belief

doesn’t require any sacrifice at all

i’d rather risk losing what i’ve known

than risk falling from Grace

because i failed to live out the Word i claimed to obey

choosing instead my own, selfish way

then succumbing to hypocrisy

as i held the Book above my head

deceiving myself and the world into agreeing

that the way we have chosen to live

the consumerism faith which takes rather than give

was the Gospel preached by the Man i love

who bled and died, bore the wrath from Above


no more fantasies

no more justification

no more lessening the price of our costly salvation

i refuse to buy into this westernized faith

which lives a gospel contrary to the Gospel it claims

believing we are the center, the reason for His crucifixion

yes, He died so we could live

but that wasn’t the sole intention

see, we are creatures of glory

when we are creatures of the King

and it is not our own glory that we should boast in gladly

for He says we were captives

slaves to sin, death, and greed

yet the chains have been broken –

for FREEDOM we’re free

so why would a free man choose slavery again?

we were enslaved and then ransomed

but still we give in

to the idols that chain us and keep us from flight

may the scales fall from our eyes

we need more than physical sight

because why would a free man not boast in the One

who bought his freedom through the death of His

only Son

why do we pretend like salvation is something

we’ve achieved

we act like all it takes is

confess and believe

like an action we take makes the Grace alive

but see

you and I weren’t the ones who bore God’s wrath

and then died

and then laid in a grave for 3 days before reviving to life

so why do we attend self-righteous meetings

separate the light from the dark

to listen to preaching

then go home to our comfort where we

rely on ourselves

when Christ died so we could put self-reliance

on the shelf

and He gave us His light so we could run to the dark

where the created await

where the captives are

where a message of Hope

of the freedom we’ve known

could transform a life, redeem dead souls

we’re always talking about

the cure to cancer

but we walk around with the power to raise dead to life

Jesus’ blood is the answer

so who are we telling about the cure to death?

we just bottle our Truth

don’t share any with the rest

of the hurting, the broken, the ones who haven’t tasted and seen

the salvation we’ve known

don’t you get it?

we’re FREE

not free to live as we please or build up our own fame

we bear Christ’s cross now, we live for His name

avoiding those on the margins who don’t

know Christ’s worth

is living opposite of how Jesus exampled on earth

Jesus dined with thieves

the prostitutes washed his feet

he called a murderer to be a missionary

overturned tables when people sold goods in His sanctuary

so tell me

what is this Christianity we claim?

because it doesn’t resemble the radical

Jesus way

He came into the flesh, bore our bullying, endured death

not so we could stay silent

or adhere to a feel-good faith

but so we could

abandon ourselves

until all that remains

is the Christ who loves us as His own

and whose glory will forever be known

throughout the nations

when we obey His command and deny our desires

and live as if His ways

really are Higher.


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