maybe Jesus is a toothless old man

maybe Jesus is a toothless old man

war veteran

who doesn’t like to talk about

those times

has a mental illness

they had to put a scope down his throat

he’s sick there too

and he’s hungry

scarfs down a sandwich

then asks for a cup of coffee

talks about how God is in everything

pulls at his beard

says he’s old, ugly

wishes he could talk more clearly

but points to his head

been handicap for two years

wishes his head was more clear

the lettuce sticks to his beard

says he’s addicted to the salsa

crunches the chips

spits when he talks

wears a dirt-stained jersey

jeans that are ripped from above the knee

to the ankle

maybe Jesus has cloudy eyes

dark black skin

and some white in his beard

or maybe

Jesus just loves that man

and wants me to love him too.


2 thoughts on “maybe Jesus is a toothless old man

  1. seriously? did you write this…absolute love
    I know that man his name is Art-tay (say it slow and shift your head just slightly back and forth as you say it)
    used to be a blues singer, till someone gave him somethin he shouldn’t have swallowed.
    came by the gas station during my mid-night shift back in the early 90s
    said he was protecting me from the city
    i paid him cigarettes and conversation.
    one day i saw him outside the grocery store, he asked me to buy him a beer, so i got him a sandwich too.

    years later eyes still milky and hands more weathered we met again – he pulled a note out
    of his crumpled wallet
    my crumpled note
    long forgotten by me
    a simple sketch 2inches by 2 inches
    of the two of us smiling
    he hadn’t forgotten…

    Then he thanked me for the sandwich and we both cried.

    your story reminded me of mine – could I share your story with my church?

  2. Roberta, I did write it. It was inspired by an interaction I had with a man downtown Nashville. Really awesome God moment. I’m honored that you would want to share it with your church! Go for it. I love your story. Amazing about the note…wow. God is incredible.

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