miracles are for today

Too often my faith is less than it should be. And in my self-doubt, I tend to doubt the sovereignty and power of God. So I limit Him in my thoughts and paint Him as less than He actually is. My heart is fickle, and my life experience – though full in one sense – is so limited in the grand scheme of things. I place too much trust in my own knowledge and not enough trust in the power of my God.

But God’s power trumps my doubt. He is stronger than my fear and greater than my proclivity to put Him in a box.

God will never fit into a box.

And neither will his miraculous works.

Miracles don’t have an expiration date. They aren’t hiding out, lifeless, in the pages of an ancient Book. Miracles are for today. For a generation who believes in the unchanging God who authored our lives and can give us the power of spiritual sight to anticipate the unseen. Miracles happen when we walk by faith, not by the vision of our limited physical eyes.

God didn’t change. So it begs the question – do we miss out on miracles because they aren’t happening or because our senses have been dulled to the power of the Almighty God?

Big prayers are heard by a great God. But miracles are not the reward. They are merely evidence of a miraculous Creator who wants you to know that He sees you. May we not plead for more miracles, but for more God.


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