Sunset Magic

This evening was for chasing sunsets (literally). There was a night not long ago when I clutched my guitar in solitude and was content to be in a city where no one knew my name. 

Since then, the earth has spun around a time and a half and now I am surrounded by people who have journeyed through the most vulnerable and messy season of my life and continue to walk with me with such care and intentionality. Our lives are meaningless without connection. Community feeds something in our soul that nothing else ever will.

My heart always misses people that I can’t be with, and sometimes the ache feels more unbearable than other times. We rise and we fall. We grieve and we celebrate. It is the never ending circle of life. Maybe that is why the sunset seems so magical tonight. 
Because at the end of the day, no matter how many clouds have tried to block its path or mask its radiance, the sun always finds its way across the eastern sky to make its slow descent behind the mountains. Every day, the sun rises; and every night, it gives the sky over to the moon. 
Oh that I might learn when to rise and when to fade into the background. Oh that I might be like the setting sun – who fights through the clouds without losing its path, all to find the way back home.

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