And this is Love…

Here is what I think: that everyone deserves someone who writes them love notes all throughout their favorite book and sends it to them to help fan the flame of Love back into their worn out heart. 

A heart that has trouble believing the Love story is really for them anymore, since some people say it isn’t. 

I think everyone deserves someone whose voice sounds like the smile of God as it whispers words of life and encouragement straight into their desert spirit. 

I think everyone deserves someone who cries with them, laughs with them, and does not give up on them even when others do. 

Everyone deserves someone who is faithful enough to the Still, Small Voice that they are able to see the very seed of Heaven hidden deep within a tattered and worn out soul. 

I want this for every heart. I want to be this for others someday. 

This dear friend and mentor of mine is Jesus to me in every conversation, love note, and surprise gift in the mail. She knows my journey in its entirety and loves, loves, loves like a candle that never stops burning – a light that never flickers or goes out. 

And you will know them by their love…and the knowing will leave you changed.


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