gardens of life


 In this world, we have to cultivate gardens for our hearts to blossom and grow when the chaos of life has made our hearts a wasteland. We have to find places where our souls can mend in the broken places and be nurtured into wholeness again. Sometimes the adventure finds us and sometimes we have to find the adventure. And sometimes, our hearts and minds need only be still so we can soak and flourish in these gardens of life we discover. 

I have left pieces of my heart out on these rocks. And I’ve reclaimed fragments of my heart that have been taken. I’ve cried my eyes out, sung my voice raw, cried out to God in anguish, contemplated life and death and everything in between. I’ve shared this sacred space with people I’ve loved, but it is still my own sacred garden. 

Even when we don’t know what we are growing up and into, we have to learn to trust the soil in which we’ve been planted. We have to allow our spirits to be washed by the rain after a drought, even if we are slow to trust the water to sustain us. 

Find these gardens for your heart. Find your sacred space. The stamina of your soul, longevity of your life, and wholeness of your heart depend on it.


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