one day, eden

Eden, they told me, was a vision of something I had not the eyes to see. A beauty I was too scarred to behold, a perfection I was too broken to realize.

Eden, they said, was a state of being which envy and strife and fear could not inhabit. A consciousness which invited in the heavenly realms and barred the fiery gates of hell and all its demons.

Eden was a place of peace, of contentment, of faith in an unseen hand of constant provision. Eden was a world where shame was never realized, guilt was never felt, and jealousy never imagined.

Eden was not only a garden of perpetual abundance and fruitfulness, but also a safe haven where the lion could lay with the lamb and man and beast could coexist by quiet waters with no threat of provocation towards violence.

Eden was a perpetual song, so they say. An unbroken melody sustained by a chorus of angels. There was a rhythm which every living being felt deep inside their souls. There was a cadence which held them all together in mysterious harmony.

Eden was the heartbeat of God, and life sprung up from the bosom of the Creator. And he held every living thing there in the chambers of his heart.

But then one day, the chamber of God’s very heart cracked open, splitting in two, and the cadence of Eden faltered into an unpredictable, chaotic rhythm.

Man and beast became enemies. Man and woman grew distrustful of one another. And their faith in the outstretched hand of God wavered.

Shame flooded into the safe haven which was once Eden, and to preserve what was left of the beautiful, the divine, mankind was shut out of Eden.

Eden was beautiful, so they say. I hope to see it one day. Something deep within my soul seems to remember echoes of Eden. Perhaps I was born there – in the chambers of the heart of God, where man and beast dwell together in peace.

Perhaps the cadence of Eden will return to its natural rhythm one day. Maybe then we can return.

Maybe Eden is what our hearts have been searching for all along. And perhaps Heaven is just a homecoming – returning back to the place we were meant for all along.

I’ll be seeing you, Eden. When I’m unbroken once again.


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