a love letter

Dear one,

Language has tried to possess you. Don’t let it.

You are not defined by the labels which attempt to explain or confine you.

You are the rhythm and cadence of every step your body has ever weathered, the majestic wonder of each syllable of your brave and beautiful name.

You are the fulfillment of every dream your heart has taken hold of – the melody of every song your soul has ever danced to, in both joy and sorrow.

You are light dancing like fire in eyes aglow with hope and merriment and adoration, awakened by the power of human connection and love and divine inspiration.

You are both dawn and dusk – a waking up and a coming to rest.

You are the ocean in its vast and breathtaking wonderment and you are the desert in its burning and terrifying splendor.

You are the immensity of the sky, the elusivity of the wind, the majesty of a cascading waterfall.

Do not crawl into the boxes or hide beneath the labels the world has constructed to keep you from experiencing your fullness, you captivating creature of light.

You are more than language, more than moments, more than the steady pulsing of your body’s own beating drum.

Grow up and into wonder, dear heart. You are braver than you realize and more beautiful than you could ever know.

And amidst the chaos of constructs which seek to capture your senses and keep you from light, may this Love letter find you breathing deeply – basking in the beauty of a Love which both holds and frees you to be all that you are – which fills and floods you until you overflow the earth with joy.

-to all the hearts in mending


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