about the author

when the depths within flow out,
they create channels
for the depths in another heart
to burst forth into life.
this blog is dedicated to stirring such depths.

Sarah is a wanderlust “vagabond heart” with a passion for people, stories, and stringing words together to make sense of emotion. She is a songwriter as well as an avid adventurer and if you ask her what she “does,” she will probably tell you about people she has met and the places she has been and how she loves being a life coach, because it allows her to pursue her passions of investing in amazing people and discovering new places. A lover of paradox, she herself is a cultural anomaly. You can find out about her most recent and tumultuous spiritual/emotional/physical journey of the soul here. She loves encouraging others and writes to free her mind and heart as well as to inspire the same freedom in others. She is a free spirit (enneagram: 7, Myers Briggs: ENFP) who needs detail-oriented people in her life to help curb and refine her visionary musings and ADD creative explorations.

Most of all, she wants you to know that you are LOVED. And that you matter. And that you aren’t alone in your pain or the fear of your depths.

Disclaimer: Many posts in the archives are no longer representative of my present-day beliefs or worldview. However, I believe in nuance and growth and getting to watch our own journeys unfold in all the real and raw and messy, which is why I do not delete old posts, even if they are a bit cringe-worthy, even to me. -s

Sarah has blogged about her travels on other platforms. To read about Sarah’s life-changing season in Africa, visit this page or read her daily reflections from her 2011 trip to the Czech Republic here.


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